Also, Birds Braided My Hair This Morning

I have a tendency to make dresses that I never wear because there’s no fitting opportunity. See: this dress. It’s based on this pattern; I used fabric I bought in my favourite fabric store in Budapest back in January; it’s fully lined and has the most adorable little “sleeves”. I love it! I also look like a fucking Disney princess whenever I wear it. I’m going to wear it today on a day trip to Lake Constance and see how that goes, though. But if you know just the right moment to wear a Disney princess dress, please tell me!




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  1. It is lovely! Maybe you should just wear it when ever. Otherwise you have to wait for special birthdays, weddings, etc.
    And I just thought: maybe we should all start to dress up nicely on Sundays again and go for walks or the like instead of (at least I do that) wear the most comfy and therefor most often most hideous things on sundays and not leave the house.

    • That’s a brilliant idea – I won’t wear this dress this Sunday because it’s too cold yet, but I might dig up one of my warmer fancy dresses. I’m stuck in front of my computer writing papers at the moment, in, you guessed it, my ugliest clothes, so a change of pace will do me some good! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Hey! I saw this dress on burdastyle a while ago but i didn’t know it was you! I think we didn’t know each other yet back then ;).
    The dress looks really lovely on you. It would definitely be worth a trip to Disney Land!
    Cheers, Meike

    • Thank you! Maybe I should go to Disneyland and try and compete with the princesses there! 😀

      Thats so funny that you saw these pictures already. 😀 I probably saw something by you too and didnt realize it either!

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