Butterfly Shawl

Oh boy, taking pictures of this thing was a major pain in the ass. My camera was all like, let’s make this as blue as possible! When the original’s colour is more like a red-violet. Even the pictures below aren’t entirely correct, but they’re close enough and I can’t be bothered anymore.


It’s the second Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend skein I bought in Budapest in July. At first I wanted to make a hat, but the pattern I had chosen made me go all FROWNY FACE THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND; it’d have probably looked better after blocking, but I decided the yarn deserved a pattern equally beautiful*, not maybe-it-will-look-better-later. This is when I stumbled upon Catching Butterflies, which was perfect. I’m not exactly sure what’s the deal with the butterflies, ’cause I don’t see any, but I adore the pattern. So pretty! It doesn’t go overboard with the lace (well, I do have a high grandma lace threshold, so YMMV), though, so the yarn can still shine on its own.

* Even though I gotta say that after the first skein was smooth-sailing all the way, this one was hopelessly tangled and knotty. Drove me crazy! Eventually I gave up and brutally used scissors. I’m sorry, yarn, but you left me no choice.


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