Owls! (Birthday/Christmas Presents 3/10)

This is the other hat I made for my goddaughter; she’ll probably get this one for her birthday and the other one for Christmas. The pattern is the utterly adorable Who? – and for the records, yes, these are owls, even though not a single member of my family recognized them as such. They are probably blind. The yarn is, again, Wolle Rödel Soft-Merino.

I mean, how can you NOT see they’re owls, really?

5 responses to “Owls! (Birthday/Christmas Presents 3/10)”

    • Thank you! Well, the pattern’s by a different designer, but it’s very reminiscent of Kate Davies’ pullover (which is, incidentally, on my to-do list).

      They’re pretty great! They aren’t that expensive, but still have good yarn!

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