October 2012

  • Palacsinta


    Here’s a confession: palacsinta are the greatest thing in the world. There are crêpes, pancakes, Pfannkuchen, but they don’t compare  to palacsinta for me; they don’t remind me of sitting in the tiny little palacsinta place in Buda with friends, having a good time and eating ALL THE PALACSINTAS EVER. I’ve had never much luck […]

  • The Blue Flower

    The Blue Flower

    Sometimes you have a fabric or yarn that is really beautiful, but no matter where you search, you don’t find the right project for it. This fabric, picked up at a sale for about 3€, was a lost cause. I browsed through what felt like hundreds of dress patterns, but to no avail, until I […]

  • A Stitch in Time: Black and White

    A Stitch in Time: Black and White

    I’ve had Susan Crawford’s A Stitch in Time for a while, mostly for the eye candy. (Those gorgeous, gorgeous vintage sweaters! Sigh.) At some point, I even bought yarn for the Enchanting in Black and White pattern, promptly put it in a box and forgot about it. I’m a fickle person. After finishing my Jen […]

  • Pears, Grapes and Cherries

    Pears, Grapes and Cherries

    This is something I did a while back, but I thought I’d show it to you nevertheless. When I moved out from home, we bought these chairs from IKEA for my first apartment. I really like their design, but they had boring and ugly covers. Ever since then I’ve wanted to replace them, but I […]

  • Violet and Cozy

    Violet and Cozy

    A few years back, I had to weird habit of picking up one single skein of yarn at my LYS because I thought they were pretty or I was curious or whatever. Of course, having only one skein somewhat limits you when choosing a pattern … hence these lonely, single skeins lead a sad, sad […]

  • Introduction to Forestry

    Introduction to Forestry

    OH THIS DRESS. When I first saw it in the magazine, I felt decidedly meh about it. Velvet just isn’t my thing, I guess. But then I saw a variation in cotton, and I was SOLD. Also I happened to have the perfect fabric for it! A tree dress it was going to be — […]

  • Mystery Yarn

    Mystery Yarn

    Do you sometimes wonder why on earth you bought a certain yarn? In my continued efforts to reduce my yarn stash, I dug out one skein of this greenish cotton, Lana Grossa Cotofilo. I’m not a big fan of working with cotton and I never wear this colour. It’s a mystery why I thought I […]