Introduction to Forestry

OH THIS DRESS. When I first saw it in the magazine, I felt decidedly meh about it. Velvet just isn’t my thing, I guess. But then I saw a variation in cotton, and I was SOLD. Also I happened to have the perfect fabric for it! A tree dress it was going to be — but not for a long time! I started this in August and finished it in October. OH THIS DRESS, I TELL YOU. It gave me quite the headache, until I took it to my sewing teacher (took up sewing lessons again!) and she explained to me how to do the neckline. By the time the dress was done save the white bows, I was so fed up with it that I made my mom stitch them on. It was all quite the team effort!

In the end, I really like how it turned out, but it’s in dire need of a belt. For this the black belt from my coat had to do, but I think I might just go and buy myself a white belt to match the bows. Or what do you think?

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