My first colourwork project, and it has a lot of sheep!


I’ve never done this kind of intricate colourwork before, but when I saw Kate Davies’ sheep heid I just knew I had to make one for a friend who loves sheep! The pattern originally uses nine colour, but I decided to reduce it to four because I didn’t feel confident enough for more. I also didn’t want to use brownish hues, because I wanted it to be more colourful. And knitting it was soooooooooo much fun! I was really afraid the colours wouldn’t match well at first, but I think it turned out well. Okay, I’m just gonna admit it, I’m bloody pleased with the result and think this might be the best project I’ve done this year. (I also nearly had a heart attack when I shipped it off to my friend in Finland because I pictured all the three thousand ways it could get lost … Oh dear, the thought of it!)

I really can’t wait for my next colourwork project!

Sheeeeeeeeeeep 2

Sheeeeeeeeeeep 3

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    • Thank you! I would’ve started on an easier project, too, but what can you do if a pattern makes just the most perfect gift? Then again, now easier colourwork patterns will be a breeze!

      Which pattern did you start with?

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