The Advantages of Grey

Long time no see, guys! I’ve been busy with exams and papers and all that pesky university stuff. But on Monday I just couldn’t help myself and cast on this little beauty:

Origami Falls Cowl

Origami Falls Cowl 2

Origami Falls Cowl 3

I used the left-over from the sheep heid, because I fell in love with the anthrazit colourway. I’ve never been a fan of grey, but it looks so distinguished and goes well with basically everything! You could say I’ve come around to it in a big way. The pattern is the Origami Falls Cowl and was a pleasure to knit. That’s all from me today, but I hope to get back to regular posting now that I’ve written my last exam for this semester!

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          • It’s on my blog in the Winter Garden pattern; I do it like this:
            Next rnd (knitted hem): With right needle, pick up first cast-on stitch from cast-on row. Slip to left needle. Knit it together with the first stitch on needle 1. Continue in this manner, picking up 1 st from the cast-on row, slipping it to the left needle and knitting it together with the next st on the needle until the hem is complete and you’ve worked to the end of the round.

  1. […] The pictures are courtesy of my long-suffering Dad, who with a sigh agreed to model the socks. Thanks Dad! You know I love you even though I keep annoying you with these things! I’m very pleased with the grey socks, more so than with the blue ones. I think I just don’t like plain ribbed socks all that much. I also seem to have really come to love grey in general, who would have thought? […]

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