WIP: Sock yarn blanket, pt. 2, and so many, many other things

Sock Yarn Blanket

Do you guys sometimes feel like you’re drowning in unfinished projects? ’cause I do. I still have a two shawls, one in alpaca and one in mohair, a cardigan I really really want to finish but never find the time to work on, a dress that’s been waiting patiently in some corner for years and gloves that look totally ridiculous and I can’t figure out why.

Also, this sock yarn blanket. I’ve fifteen patches so far, the sixteenth one is on the needle. Fifteen patches do not a blanket make.

I’m not a finisher. I don’t finish things, I just start them. (Let’s not even mention all that yarn and fabric I’ve stashed away over the years like the little squirrel I am.) I need to commit to a project instead of just adding new ones to my WIP pile. I can do that, right? Yes. I can. Sure. Absolutely. Now let me just take a minute to wistfully ogle the gift certificates for yarn and fabric I have here, sitting oh-so-innocently on my desk.

What do you do when the finishing panic gets to you?

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  1. I’m terrible about starting things. I love the excitement a new project promises, but I very easily get distracted and find myself venturing. It feels like nothing ever gets done, until it does, and then all the things I started seem to end at the same time. Very “feast and famine”.

    • Me too. I have two skeins of delicious Malabrigo yarn here and I’m dying to start a cowl with them. But … so many unfinished projects! I need discipline! But it seems like it’s working out well for you, since you made so many beautiful things for your vacation! It’s quite inspiring. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well, it is like being on a diet: you are not allowed to start something new which makes you want to start something new immediately 😉

    I try to limit myself to one big knit (at the moment a cardigan), a smaller one (I started a lace shawl which is suppossed to take some time, isn’t it?) and a maximum of two small side projects like socks or, planned throughout the year, hexipuffs. That works alright for me as I get to finish the big project at some point and if I want something new I just have to finish a relatively quick knit and can start some new small thing.

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