WIP: Sock yarn blanket, pt. 2, and so many, many other things

Sock Yarn Blanket

Do you guys sometimes feel like you’re drowning in unfinished projects? ’cause I do. I still have a two shawls, one in alpaca and one in mohair, a cardigan I really really want to finish but never find the time to work on, a dress that’s been waiting patiently in some corner for years and gloves that look totally ridiculous and I can’t figure out why.

Also, this sock yarn blanket. I’ve fifteen patches so far, the sixteenth one is on the needle. Fifteen patches do not a blanket make.

I’m not a finisher. I don’t finish things, I just start them. (Let’s not even mention all that yarn and fabric I’ve stashed away over the years like the little squirrel I am.) I need to commit to a project instead of just adding new ones to my WIP pile. I can do that, right? Yes. I can. Sure. Absolutely. Now let me just take a minute to wistfully ogle the gift certificates for yarn and fabric I have here, sitting oh-so-innocently on my desk.

What do you do when the finishing panic gets to you?