Fried Grated Potatoes and Carrots with Herbed Quark

[I added the Quiche Lorraine recipe I used to my entry about it. It’s really quite good, you should try it.]

My Grandma had reason to be proud today (even though that in itself is a very questionable argument, considering she subsists on spinach with the consistency of cow dung) (sorry for that picture): I had a completely vegetarian meal! Not that that’s so rare, but my Grandma’s certain I’ll only ever eat unhealthy stuff (read: everything that’s not spinach or at least a vegetable) and NOBODY WILL EVER CONVINCE HER OTHERWISE.


I found this recipe over at Ich bin dann mal kurz in der Küche (it’s in German, I’d provide a translation if anyone’s interested) and wanted to test if it was something I’d consider making only for myself as well. I actually quite like vegetarian food (don’t tell my Grandma), but I don’t know that many good recipes. Anyway. I sent my Dad to buy the tons of ingredients you need, and then followed the recipe quite closely. It was really yummy!

Möhren-Rösti 2

The caveat: I’ll never, ever make it for myself. It took me a good two hours to make it (enough grating for a lifetime!), and that’s just something I’m not prepared to do after an exhausting day at university. Plus, you really do need a ton of ingredients: potatoes, carrots, parmesan, almonds, eggs, nutmeg, sunflower seeds, curd cheese, yoghurt, herbs (I used parsley, chives and dill), lemon juice and radish sprouts, and I’m afraid to say I just can’t afford that on a student budget. Let’s not even talk how long it’ll probably take to hunt down goddamn radish sprouts.

Still, we had a very delicious dinner and I tried something new today! Win-win.

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