Projects, projects, projects …

Projekte AprilOnce upon the time I heard about a secret mystical creature named progress, and its even more secret and more mystical brother, the finished object. Alas, they are far away and unreachable at the moment, it seems! So I thought I’d at least show you the patterns I’m using. (Photos are taken from the Burda website respectively the Ravelry pattern pages, which are all linked to in the next paragraph.)

I started sewing this shift dress by Burda, using another fabric I bought in Budapest. You can see it in this post, it’s the lovely light pink one. Isn’t it perfect for the pattern? I used the leftover yarn from my sheep heid hat for both Janel Laidman’s Selkie socks and Ysolda Teague’s Ishbel beret. The socks will be in green and the beret in charcoal grey, a colour I’ve really come to love in the past months. Susan Crawford’s Cable Bolero cardigan has been sitting on my shelves for more than half a year now. I’ve already finished the back and started one of the front parts, but unfortunately one is always longer than the other. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I won’t give up, though, because it’s such a lovely pattern!

Unfortunately, I don’t expect to finish any of those project anytime soon. Apart from the “crafter’s block” I seem to have, university starts tomorrow and commands my attention. Don’t you hate it when real life distracts you from the important things?

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  1. Oh totally, Konstanze. I have a couple of unfinisheds in my cabinet, too. And committed to presenting my crochet/knitted jewelry on a vintage market come Saturday. What was I thinking?

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