Flit’n Float, So Delicate!


Pattern: Flit + Float by Birdy Evans

Yarn: Wetterhoff Sylvia

Apparently there’s such a thing as healthy yarn (because normal run-of-the-mill yarn is unhealthy?). There must be, because this yarn is made with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E. I feel healthier already just writing this down! I’m not sure how that healthiness manifests in the real world, but I prefer to think it has rubbed off on me while I knitted that scarf. It’s laceweight yarn, so it had a lot of knitting time to do so. But I’m going to stop making fun of yarn with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E (it couldn’t be just one of ’em, don’t be silly). Let’s talk about this project.


The Flit + Float pattern was one of the first in my queue on Ravelry. I’ve always coveted it, but was intimidated by the prospect of knitting six charts with laceweight yarn. When I bought the Wetterhoff Sylvia yarn on my trip to Helsinki last year however, I decided this would be the moment for Flit +  Float. Cue a year of fidgeting, postponing and procrastinating. Whenever I definitely decide on something, you can be sure I won’t do it in foreseeable time! I’m predictable like that. Right now I don’t have any excuses because I have lots of time on my hands.


This was basically my first time using a provisional cast-on. Thanks to Knitty and their fabulous tutorial, everything went fine though! The ruffles were fun to knit, but the picot bindoff has to be one of the most annoying knitting techniques ever invented. My pragmatic and practical nature is offended by casting on stitches to bind off. I’m German after all. The charts turned out to be half as fussy and complicated as I had feared they would be, so yay for that. The scarf turns out to be a lot shorter than it looks like on the pictures in the pattern, though. I added sixty (!) rows of stockinette stitch in the middle to make it the size I had imagined.


DSC00671 The little flower motifs are adorable, aren’t they? I love how there are so many at the beginning and then it peters out. It’s like a basket of flowers carried away in the wind! It weighs almost nothing, too, which helps that impression. It’s a veritable handful of nothingness! (On a sidenote, this was a bitch to photograph because of that. Every other object overshadowed its delicateness.) I’ll be so scared to rip it when I’ll wear it … Overall I’m really, really pleased with the scarf. Also, it knitted up a lot faster than I expected it to! Can’t wait to wear it in fall.

And what about you guys? Do you knit with laceweight yarn? Or do you avoid it out of fear like me?


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