A Summer Dress for Budapest!

When you read this, I’ll already be in Budapest, it is probably going to be very hot, and I’m going to be wearing this dress:

The Budapest DressYou cannot imagine how much I’m looking forward to seeing my favourite city in the world again & meeting good old friends & eating palacsinta and csokitorta & basking in the beauty that is Budapest. Yes, I’m in love with that city, sososo much. <3 But I digress! Back to the dress. Of course I have to look my very best for this special occasion! I’ve been thinking for a while that I’m bored with my usual colour scheme of red, blue or purple and needed to go outside my comfort zone.

The Budapest Dress 2

This orange fabric seemed absolutely perfect for that objective, because I never wear orange. I don’t know why, it’s such a bright, happy colour! Perfect for summer in Budapest. (Bonus points: polka dots! You can never have enough dresses with polka dots, right?)

So I whipped up this little number – the pattern would be rather easy if it weren’t for the fitting issues. It’s definitely drafted for teenage girls. I made two dresses way back when I didn’t have quite as much womanly curves, so to speak, and I don’t fit in them anymore because now I have boobs. Bummer! (Not really.) I had to cut the top in size 40 instead of 36 like my old dresses; I used the old skirt pattern pieces, which turned out to make the whole thing a lot more complicated than imagined. But after a lot of tweaking with darts to make the top line up with the skirt, here it is: My out of my comfort zone orange summer dress for Budapest. Yay!

Now excuse while I go squee over going to Budapest. It’s been one and a half years, my love, but we’ll finally see each other again!

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  1. Yay to visiting Budapest in such a lovely dress! It looks like it fits perfectly – I totally feel your pain in the bodice sizing, but it looks like you beat the pattern! Hope you’re having a great holiday (I’ve never visited Budapest, so I’m a little jealous!)!

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