Budapest, My Love


I’ve been back from Budapest for a few days now, but I basically haven’t been doing anything but sleep and eat since then. I’ve had a wonderful time, met wonderful people and saw wonderful things … there was so much wonderfulness that it was exhausting. Budapest remains my great love and I’ve enjoyed being back there to discover things I hadn’t seen previously. It was very cool being back at Eötvös Loránd University, too, even if it was just for summer university.  As you can see below, I’ve bought basically everything in all the shops in Budapest so that now they suffer from a serious supply shortage there. SORRY GUYS! I’m not sorry at all, but don’t tell them. (Click on one of the pictures to enlarge them and see the gallery.)

Apart from the lovely people at the summer university, I also got to meet a lot of friends: apparently EVERYONE is in Budapest right now, which is awesome. For example, I spent a day with Fabian from Schnitterling (German sewists, take notice: they sell the Sewaholic patterns with German translations – isn’t that awesome?! Head over and check out their shop!), who also took the three pictures below. I showed him the less tourist-y parts of Pest and in exchange he helped me hunt down new fabrics. What a perfect arrangement! Here I am inspecting the fabrics:


They have lots and lots of beautiful fabrics at Pamut Textil Bolt, and even though the shop assistants mostly speak Hungarian there, they are super friendly to strangers speaking bad Hungarian.


Can you see how happy I am with my purchase? I was very happy, I tell you. In the evening the summer university people and I did a boat trip to a Római part, a picturesque riverbank with lots of little restaurants and bars. We had dinner at this eating place in two autobusses, and even then I kept petting my new fabrics to the amusement of everybody else. But really. I got 4m of fabric for about 20€! That warrants some happiness, methinks.


I’m going to leave you with a picture of the statue of a Hungarian actress. For more Budapest scenery pictures, see my Instagram account! (Yes, I’m a hipster now and have an Instagram account. I promise you I’m suitably ashamed.)


Wait, no, I totally lied. One last picture! Here I am sitting in a Trabi. Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.