Ready for Autumn: Veyla (Ysolda Teague)

Pattern: Veyla by Ysolda Teague from Whimsical Little Knits 2

Yarn: DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk


For anyone in the English knitting community this probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but Ysolda Teague’s patterns are awesome. Written with great care and very easily understandable plus every design from her I’ve knitted gets tons of compliments. Does a knitter’s heart need more to be happy?

(Guys, SNEAK PEAK at another project I’m working on right now!)


DSC00740I used the DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk that I bought at Menita‘s on my trip to Finland last year. It is sooooooo soft and I basically just want to sit there and pet it for the rest of my life. (Have I mentioned I love alpaca yarn? Yes? Maybe once or twice? Well, it can’t be mentioned often enough.)


DSC00742I bought the cute little rose buttons at Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm after standing in front of their buttons shelves and staring at them for about an hour. Am I the only one who has the hardest time picking buttons for their projects? The things you have to think about when looking for buttons! Which size should they have? Which colour? Is a simple design better or rather something elaborate? I tell you, I made my choice only under extreme duress (in form of my Dad getting a little bit impatient), but sometimes those choices are the best ones. I’m very pleased with these buttons, as I’m with my Veylas on the whole. You can always count on Ysolda Teague for pretty FOs, I’ve come to realize.


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