From the Archives: Casino Skirt

I’ve posted this one already by accident, because I had scheduled it at a wrong date. The light in the pictures fucked up the colours, though, so I’m posting it again. After a very sad September, in more than one way, it seems we caught a couple of beautiful days in October. I took the chance to get new pictures taken outside!

DSC_0100Okay, I admit it: I’m a lazy person and sometimes I don’t take pictures of finished projects. I’ll hang my head in shame the minute I’ve finished blogging about it. This skirt has never found its way to the internets, although funnily enough it’s the selfmade garment I’ve worn most. It’s nice and practical! Usually I wear it with that fabulous red Hallhuber top, but it works with a lot of colours.

The best thing about this skirt is, however, that it’s a conversation starter (“That’s a hilarious pattern.” “Do you gamble?” etc). Then I can say that I made it myself, which is my favourite thing to say to other people! The yoke is from a Burda Young pattern, where you basically just had to add to rectangles to it and then you were done. Which selfmade garment have you worn the most?


When I made the skirt, I was really a complete novice at sewing and fucked up putting in the zipper. It never did work probably and at some point this year it stopped working at all – so I actually had to put in a new one. It works a lot better now, which makes me kind of proud because it shows that I’ve become better over time! Gave me a sense of achievement, that. 🙂


This is the first time I took pictures in the middle of the city and it felt so awkward! Lots of people passing by, staring. I felt like a tourist in my own city! Looking at the pictures, I think it was totally worth it, though. I do live in a photogenic place, after all!