It’s Teatime: First Jersey Shirt

I’m the kind of person who, when something works just fine, sticks to it to the death. I don’t experiment much. With my sewing, though, I decided I needed to branch out a bit. My cat shirt made me super pumped for making more shirts, but I realized this would mean I’d have to sew with something other than cotton fabric.


When I saw this teacup fabric in the sales bin at my local fabric store, it just begged to be made into an awesome t-shirt. I don’t really like tea that much except for some green tea from time to time (also there’s this adorable café in Heidelberg that has the best tea ever, with opening blossoms and see-through teapost, it’s basically the best thing ever), but the print was just too funny to pass up.

DSC_0230Sewing with jersey turned out to be a challenge for someone as impatient as me. Too slippery, you guys. Cotton is so much better! Thank God I had chosen a simple pattern. Everything was straight-forward and simple. The only problem I had was the neckline, which ended up being too small for my ginormous head, so I had to open up the shoulder seems to make more room. The neckline still isn’t very nice, it bunches up in various places and overall, the shirt’s too tight, but I’m okay with it. It’s my first jersey project, after all, and the next time I’ll just do a bigger version.

DSC_0268I’d like to point out the dedication that went into putting these pictures on the blog. It’s FREEZING. We just ran outside, snapped a few pictures hoping it’d work out well, and then scurried inside again as quickly as possible.

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