Cosplay …?

sandman__s_sister__death_by_penickart-d4immhbSource: PENICKart @ Deviantart.

I don’t do cosplay. I don’t have anything against it, but as a socially awkward person the thought of getting stared at and posing for photos in front of people I don’t know kind of makes me want to curl up in a ball and die.


One of my oldest friends has been getting into cosplay lately, and I’ve kind of loved watching her learn sewing because of that. I also enjoy her tales of photoshoots and conventions, as well as admiring the costumes she has created, the wigs, the accessories, the whole cosplay extravaganza. This friend has invited me to a cosplay party she’s hosting at a goth club in February, and I promised her I’d go. Now I kind of figure if I’m going there anyway I might as well show up in cosplay, because it’s a cosplay party after all and just a pretty dress would kind of be a cop-out.

Thing is, I don’t have any idea who I want to cosplay. It would have to be more of a “closet cosplay” because I’d prefer to spend my money on my normal sewing projects I’ll actually wear more than once in my life.  That means that I shouldn’t have to buy a wig as well, so the character needs to have dark hair. It should also be someone from a book/movie/show I actually like, I mean everything else would be silly and rather fake.  After much thinking, I came up with Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman:


She’s kind of perfect in that I’d just need black lipstick, make-up to lighten up my skin and the ankh necklace. The rest isn’t really all that important as long as it’s black, which should be possible without buying something. But … I don’t know. I suppose the thought to pretend to be someone else makes me sort of anxious? And can I really pull of Death? OH THE BODY IMAGE ISSUES THIS IS DRAGGING UP. I can’t come up with any alternative either. I really like Mad Men, but the only one with dark hair is Megan, whose Mod style really doesn’t suit my figure. Other favourite TV shows include Veronica Mars and The Good Wife, but they don’t really lend themselves to cosplay. Maybe Pushing Daisies, then again Chuck is a brunette and Olive a blonde; the dandelion girl would be fun, but that would mean sewing, and again, not the right hair colour. When it comes to books and movies, I don’t really like anything featuring (female, dark-haired) characters with such an iconic appearance that it would be suited for cosplay. And it wouldn’t be much fun to have to explain your costume all evening, would it?

If you have any idea at all which character might be the right one for me, please let me know! I’m happy about any idea or inspiration!

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  1. Why not Chuck inkognito? You could wear a cute flared dress (wich you could actually sew and wear again afterwards), big sun glasses and a headscarf, so the hair colour wouldn’t be so relevant.

    • Hey! Sorry for the late answer. I really loved your idea and I think I’m gonna use it for the next time I need a cosplay (another cosplay party was announced for the summer)! I went with the other idea only because I didn’t really have time to sew the dress …

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