A Stitch in Time: Made So Quickly

My best friend and I finally went to see Frozen. Usually we’re terrible hipsters and only watch obscure indie movies in dingy little theaters with about two other people present, but we both can never resist a Disney movie. I think it’s a first for Disney to put the relationship of the two female leads in the foreground over the love story? I loved that. And I loved even more that the enthralled little boy one row in front of me kept cheering on Elsa and Anna – apparently little boys can relate to female characters after all, huh? WHO KNEW. Anyway, I had a blast. I just wish I had seen the original, because I just found out that Kristen Bell is Anna and I’ve had a crush on her since Veronica Mars. (Who else is sooooo pumped for the movie?!) Also, if I had time, patience and money, I’d make myself Elsa’s gown. It’s gorgeous!

After the movie we used the sunny weather to take a few quick snaps of my newest sweater. (I must say, I’m really looking forward to warmer temperatures because I was freezing my ass off.) It’s the “Made So Quickly” pattern from Susan Crawford’s “A Stitch in Time Vol. 1” … a book I love so, so much, but haven’t had much luck with so far. The patterns are beautiful, the pictures are gorgeous and it always ends in disaster with me. Enchanting in Black and White demonstrated to me that it’s not necessarily very wise to make sleeves in mohair lace; I wore it three times until it tore. The Cable Bolero I don’t even want to talk about. Made So Quickly was the pattern that would break the curse. Everything went well, knitting-wise – it really is made very quickly, there weren’t any mistakes in the pattern, I understood the instructions. In short, it was fun. And then I ended up with this:


I don’t know what happened. I don’t care to find out what happened. (To the pattern’s defense, after checking in with Ravelry I realized nobody else had this problem and it had to be my fault.) I accidentally made a cropped sweater and I don’t want to talk about it, okay.


Luckily, I still happen to like this garment. It’s not exactly what I had pictured; I really wish it’d cover my belly button, poor thing will freeze to death. But I do have lots of high-waisted skirts to combine with my cropped sweater in order to still look dressed decently. Additionally, I’ve wanted to try sewing high-waisted trousers for some time now –see? It’s not a failure, it’s an OPPORTUNITY. (That’s the title of my up-coming self-help book, just fyi.)


Frankly, if it weren’t for the yarn and the buttons, I’d probably be a lot more upset about this. The yarn is alpaca and so soft and wonderful to touch it makes me want to cry. The buttons are adorable. I love buttons. Look at them!

Both these things more than make up for the fact that this pullover is maybe a little bit short. This is gonna get worn, guys, I don’t care if my belly-button gets a cold. Really, if you consider how the other two patterns from this book turned out, this isn’t even half-bad. Let’s consider it a semi-success. A cropped semi-success.


Pattern: Made So Quickly in A Stitch in Time Vol. 1 by Susan Crawford

Yarn: Novena by Lang Yarns (DK, 50% merino, 30% alpaca, 20% nylon)

Buttons: Lotte Knopf

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