A Dress for the First Days of Spring


I’ve posted so much about knitting lately, I think it’s time to mention that I didn’t give up on sewing. It’s just that I’ve started one of those projects where you run from one problem to the next – Mrs Depew Vintage’s 1940 wrap blouse seemed fun and cute, but hasn’t been anything like that so far. Honestly, I’m so frustrated with it that I can’t even look at it right now. That’s why I decided to finish up a project that has been lying around in my room since the beginning of the year. I just needed to set in the zipper again and add bias tape to the hemline of the skirt to be finished, but until the first sunrays decided to show their face in this corner of the world I really didn’t feel like tackling such a spring-like project.

I believe I originally wanted to do something completely different when I picked up this fabric. I picked up about 3m because it was on sale. Around Christmas I got it into my head that I needed to do something fun without buying a new pattern. I came up with what I recently learnt is called a “frankenpattern”. The top is made from Burda 7034, which I originally used in this autumn-themed dress. The gathered skirt pieces are from Burda Young 7556 and make me wish I didn’t completely ruin the awesome polka dot dress I originally made from it years ago. The “spend no money” part went out of the window (as it was to be expected) as soon as I came up with the idea that the smallish print needed some boldly coloured accents in the form of yellow bias tape. Originally I only wanted to add it at the neckline and the sleeves, but my Dad suggested it’d look better if I used it on the skirt hemline, too (and, even if he won’t believe it, I actually listen to him sometimes). It definitely was a good idea, but I’ve done more interesting things in my life than sew on nearly 6m of bias tape.


I gotta be honest, though, right now I’m just not feeling this dress. I’m not exactly sure why. The 50s silhouette used to be such a favourite of mine, but lately I’ve been more interested in different, less girly shapes. Another reason might be the fabric itself, which is adorable on its on, but such a stark contrast to my dark hair and skin. I try to stay away from white in general because I don’t know how to style it with my dark complecion – there are inexplicably two white knitted hats that waste away in my closet and that is totally sad. Same goes for light blue, which makes my skin look sickly even though I adore the colour, but that is less of a problem here because the use of bias tape made yellow the more dominant colour in the print.

Lately I’ve been reading up a lot about colour types  It started with “Mein Kleiderschrank und ich” (German obviously) series when the beswingtes Fräulein rethought her colour palette, and led me over to Michou Loves Vintage’s colour consultation post (German again, sorry) describing the different colour types. I even made the system of seasons test at Colour Me Beautiful and found out that I’m an autumn type. Oh well. How fascinating! While I generally prefer bold reds and blues as well as pretty much all shades of pink and violet, I guess it’s true that I look good in autumn colours, as demonstrated by my Falling Leaves dress.  Frankly, reading all this made me feel mostly insecure (quick poll, have you ever read about fashion rules and felt something else than insecurity? Tell me, so that I may worship at the altar of your awesomeness). That it was a pain in the ass taking pictures of me in my new dress because either the dress looked blindingly white or my face was shrouded in darkness or both for good measure didn’t help much. (If someone who knows about photography could give me a tip on how to solve this puzzling problem, I’d be ever so grateful.) I mean, all these posts were very informative and interesting, but it’d be even more interesting to know how to incorporate colours that aren’t automatically your “type” into your wardrobe? Or do I have to just stop with the whites and light blues? Seems unfair. I like white and light blue and I want to look good wearing them! Internet, instead of telling me what I shouldn’t wear, get to work on that tutorial!

But enough about the confusing world of fashion rules. There’s two things I’d rather think about, namely a) how happy I am about my new haircut and b) how much fun twirling is in this dress.