A Stitch in Time: It Cannot Fail To Please


I’ve been looking forward to showing you this jumper for weeks now, but somehow never got around to taking pictures! It’s mostly because I’ve become a perfectionist when it comes to photoshoots, but I think I’ll have to learn that the photoshoots I have in my head (in this case I pictured a lovely retro background) are never going to happen. I simply lack the know-how and time to take really good photos of everything I make, and it’s better to have decent pictures than none at all because I keep waiting for the perfect moment.


This jumper is my favourite thing ever. It’s beautiful. It was fun to make and it came out exactly how I pictured it. I love love LOVE it.


My Grandma gave me this yarn as a present years ago. It’s 100% silk, made by a indie yarn dyer and spinner, and was hideously expensive – I believe we’re talking about 18€ per skein. This was before I even had made me first sweater, I guess I was a little too ambitious back then. After the bumpy road to my first knit garment, I was sufficiently scared off trying another big project, in such a luxurious yarn to boot. My Grandma kept asking if I had finally started something in the silk yarn, and I kept putting her off; now I’m kinda sad she didn’t get to see the finished jumper.


When I finally finished the Cable Bolero in February, I decided that a) there simply couldn’t be a worse knitting experience and b) I had acquired enough knowledge about all kinds of knitting fuckery that I’d be able to handle everything a pattern could ever throw at me. So I dug up the silk yarn and started It Cannot Fail To Please, another “A Stitch in Time Vol. 1” pattern whose unbelievable gorgeousness was basically the reason I purchased the book. At first I was scared that the yarn was too busy for the pattern, but it wasn’t. In fact, anything I was scared of turned out to be no problem and there were no bad surprises or weird instructions or any kind of fuckery at all. It was smooth sailing all the way through – if you plan to knit it though, do take a look at the errata before!


The yarn was simply wonderful to knit with and matches up well with the pattern. The finished jumper is unbelievably soft to touch; it’s probably the most gorgeous thing I’ve made up to now. I’m so proud of it and super stoked that it turned out so well!


Pattern: It Cannot Fail To Please from “A Stitch in Time Vol. 1” by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford.

Yarn: Maulbeerseide by Drachenwolle (Fingering, 100% silk)

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14 responses to “A Stitch in Time: It Cannot Fail To Please”

  1. This is so beautiful! The yarn must feel amazing! Someday I want to be able to knit such beautiful things, as you do :)!

    • Thank you! Oh God, the yarn is heavenly – so soft! Oh, thanks, but you did knit that super lovely raglan sweater a few month ago after all so you’re off to a great start I’d say!

  2. So elegant! I love that stitch pattern (it suits you perfectly!) & the yarn sounds sounds dreamy! It must be a real pleasure to wear!

    • Oh yes it’s great to wear it, so soft, it’s wonderful. <3 And thank you! The stitch pattern is really great, isn't it? It's imho the prettiest in the whole book.

  3. So lovely! I am afraid of big projects where fitting will be an issue so I am going to bookmark this as inspiration! 🙂

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