Me Made May ’14 – Week One

I finished the first week of Me-Made May and let me tell you, this is haaaaaaaaard. I’ve actually got to think about what to wear in the morning, and I’m not big on thinking at that time of the day. Usually I just blindly throw on something and hope it looks good. It has been an interesting exercise, though – it made me (re)evaluate how, if and with which other item of clothing my selfmade garments work.

Day 1


Me-made item: Cat shirt, Lizzie cardigan
I visited my friend in Finland for the first days of May. It was very lovely and made for some awesome action shots. Look at that! A boat! The sea! Helsinki coastline! More boats! Such excitement. (Yes, we waited for the boat to come into the view so we could get this shot. You’re welcome.)

Starting the day in not-that-cold-anymore Germany and then flying to very-cold-indeed Finland meant using layers. The shirt is ideal for a spring and autumn temperatures, it’s also warm enough combined with the cardi. Sadly, it’s too short for my torso, which means if I move my arms I show off my tummy to unsuspecting people. (Sorry, flashed-by-me unsuspecting people.) It doesn’t look good paired with a skirt either. Even though I still absolutely love it, I haven’t been wearing it that much because of that.

Day 2


Me-made item: Lizzie cardigan, Esther socks
The “Lizzie” cardigan on the other and I love unconditionally. I have a lot of blue, grey and black garments in my wardrobe that look great paired with this Cardigan and it provides just the right amount of warmth in transitional seasons. The socks were made for my Grandma originally. I made quite a few socks for my Grandma, and these are my favourites of the bunch. (Funnily enough, she rarely wore this pair and much preferred the colourful but simple stockinette socks I knit her first.) I couldn’t bear to give them to someone else after her death, so I kept them myself.

Day 3

DSC00774ย DSC00814

Me-made item: owls jumper, Hedera socks
These pictures were taken in Porvoo, which is an adorable little town east of Helsinki. I really embraced the cold Finnish weather to be honest, because it gave me a chance to wear the owls jumper. It is amazing. AMAZING. I have nothing else to say about it except for AMAAAAAAAAZING. The socks are pretty great, too (another pair that used to belong to my Grandma), but are kind of overshadowed by my love for this sweater.
Also, yes, it was snowing, but it was also at times raining, the sun was shining and we had a bit of hail too. It never got boring! ๐Ÿ˜€

Day 4


Me-made item:ย owls jumper,ย Hedera socks

Okay, yes, I recycled. We have an entire month to fill, people! (Just look at the pretty Finnish forest.)

Day 5

DSC00850Me-made item:ย Lizzie cardigan
… aaaaaaaand recycled again. Isn’t this exciting? I was pretty happy there, though. My friend had chanted “dessert” until I caved in and bought myself this delicious chocolate cake for a whopping 5โ‚ฌ and I did not regret this.

Day 6 and 8

Me-made item: Teatime shirt
We’re back in Germany! Full disclosure: we took this picture today, but I basically wore the same thing on Tuesday. I really want to like this shirt. It has tea cups on it, after all! Unfortunately, it’s a bit too tight. I tried to cover it up by wearing the high-waisted skirt and the cardigan, but you can really tell.

Day 7

DSC00862Me-made item: Casino skirt
This skirt was one of the simplest things I’ve made: It’s basically just two rectangles and a yoke, yet it’s probably the selfmade garment that gets the most compliments. If I wake up and feel like I need to hear something nice, I wear this skirt because inevitable someone will say “hey, cool skirt” during the day. The picture was taken at basically the only place in the natural sciences campus that doesn’t look like an apocalyptic wasteland –I have to be there twice a week this semester and it’s a weird place.

That’s it for today! Thanks to the people who were so kind to take a picture of me, you’re all quite lovely. <3

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4 responses to “Me Made May ’14 – Week One”

  1. Congrats on a great week, Konstanze! I love seeing your knitting and sewing projects together, and it must be such a nice feeling to keep wearing your grandmother’s socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! I’ve kept quite a lot of things my Grandma knit and sewed, too, I’ll show them here on the blog someday. They’re very special to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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