Death of the Endless Cosplay


deathRemember when I was trying to decide on a character to cosplay for my friend’s cosplay party? Death of the Endless is my favourite character in Sandman after Delirium (but that would have been too involved), and once I had started thinking about a Death costume, I couldn’t NOT go through with it.

I had been thinking of going the time-consuming road (that is, make more of the costume pieces myself), but I had just come back from a field trip where I had caught a bad cold and didn’t have the energy. I decided I’d only sew the black tank top. I used this Burda pattern, which would make for a very easy sewing project with a clear head. Lacking that, my sewing got a bit sloppy and mistakes happened that normally shouldn’t happen. It’s still completely wearable so I don’t care.


I bought the ankh necklace from sandstormart on DaWanda. Both the leather jacket and the black jeans are from my wardrobe. I know that the leather jacket isn’t part of the normal Death of the Endless-getup, but I needed something to cover up during the cold February night. This is the full costume (I ended up wearing different shoes to avoid the next foot injury):


You learn something new from every new crafting project; my lesson here is that I look weirdly good with black lipstick. No, seriously, I kind of want to use the photo below as my profile picture on Facebook.


My Death of the Endless “wardrobe cosplay” didn’t really measure up to the rest of the costumes that could be seen at the party. (Then again, I’m mostly just glad I survived the evening without passing out by pumping myself full of coffeine and pain killers before. The day after was excruciating, as you can maybe imagine.) Take my friend, for example, who had made a marvelous Alice costume. Doesn’t she look fantastic? If you want to see more of her lovely cosplays, just head over to her Facebook page “Neko Fame Fantasy“!

Thanks to Neko and for letting me use this picture! 🙂

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  1. I think you reproduced the feel of the character well. And you didn’t even had to wear a wig, you had a perfect hair already! *^v^*

    • Thank you! That I had the same hair as the character was another reason I decided to cosplay her, actually. (The pictures really make me miss my long hair!)

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