Me Made May ’14 – Week Two

After the second week, I think I can confidently say that I can do this Me Made May thing. I didn’t struggle to find something to wear everyday, I just occasionally had to think how to combine the selfmade and the storebought garments. However, I’m having somewhat of a crisis right now that’s less about the me-made clothing and more about taking a picture of myself everyday. I normally try to not let body issues spoil the fun I have blogging. I purposefully refrain from statements how body part xy looks horrible in that picture of me, even if I quietly obsess about the ~ugliness~ of said body part for hours. It’s just such a super toxic attitude. Sadly, these thoughts have come to be impossible to ignore now that I actually see daily pictures of me. I won’t let this spoil the fun and gratification of wearing all the beautiful items I have created, though!

Day 9

Me-made item: Black and White jumper
I wore this adorable jumper twice before my mom, proficient at discovering holes in clothing, presented me with what she claimed to be a moth hole. I have since discovered that everything is a moth hole for my mother, even if a shark had chomped down on this piece of clothing. As you can imagine, I was highly frustrated back then and off the jumper went to my repairs pile. It stayed there until last Friday, where I discovered that I had avoided repairing something as simple as a ripped seam for close to two years. No moth hole. Just a tiny, tiny ripped seam. I KNOW. FACEPALM.

Day 10

Me-made item: Civil War Reunion dress
I adore this dress, but I can only wear it if someone’s around to button me up in the morning and help me out of it in the evening. Not practical.

Day 11

Me-made item: Black Cats Dress, Kirschjoghurtlöffelspaß* scarf
I really wish this dress had a better fit. I might try to put in darts at the back, even though I think the worst offender are the giants sleeves (wtf, Burda) and I have no idea how to change that. The scarf, knitted five years ago, is made from Drachenwolle sock yarn in a super fun colourway that is sadly a little scratchy.
* cherry yoghurt spoon fun; it doesn’t make much sense in German either. 😛 Still, the name makes me smile!

Day 12

Me-made item: Black and White jumper
As a sidenote, I really need to have some pants that go with the A Stitch in Time garments. All my pants are definitely too low-cut.

Day 13IMG_0407_2

Me-made item: Ulm dress
One of my favourites.

Day 14

Me-made item: Cable Bolero
I still have a love-and-hate-relationship with the cardigan. If you compare it to the pictures in the pattern, it just looks so different, and that’s driving me crazy. I wear it out of obligation to the endless hours I spent making the thing, though. Plus, it’s really comfy and warm!

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  1. We all obsess about our bodies, don’t worry about it! *^v^*
    I like your black and white jumper, very feminine and has a vintage feel. Good luck on your next week’s clothes choices, looking forward to seeing what you’ll wear!

    • Yes, that’s true, sadly – shouldn’t be that way … Thank you, though! I seriously love the jumper, even though I’m kind of paranoid the mohair’s gonna break because it’s so fragile!

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