Me Made May ’14 – Week Three

Week three has been really positive. I’ve been feeling good about taking pictures again. What’s more, it’s given me the chance to figure out how tripod and self-timer work. I’ve been meaning to explore the functions of my camera more (a Sony Alpha 58 my parents gave me for my birthday this year) and learn more about photography, but somehow I could never find the time. Another positive MMMay development is that I actually got around to repairing a few things. You’ve already seen the repaired Black and White jumper and I asked my mom to fix a selfmade blouse on the weekend. (It’s silk and I was too chicken to do it myself.) I hope I get around to wearing it on some of the following days!

Day 15

Me-made item: Ulm dress
The weather’s been rather unpredictable the last few weeks, so I’ve been wearing lots of layers these days. (MAY. DECIDE ON A TEMPERATURE. Seriously, you change your mind more than I do in front of a cake counter, and much like me you then decide to have everything.)

Day 16

Me-made item: Cable Bolero, Kirschjoghurtlöffelspaß scarf

Day 17

Me-made item: Black Cats dress
Necklace bought at Ahoy Ahimsa, back when their jewelry wasn’t ridiculously overpriced.

Day 18

Me-made item: Red polka dot skirt

Day 19

Me-made item: Red polka dot skirt, velvet tee
My mom helped me make this velvet shirt aaaages ago. It has to be at least a decade! I remember her asking me if I wanted to try sewing something myself because I had been so fascinated by watching her working on the sewing machine. We made this tee, but it’d be years until I developed a serious interest in sewing again. This black velvet shirt (I was in the middle of my all-black phase) has been a staple of my wardrobe ever since, though.

Day 20

Me-made item: Budapest dress
Random fact, I don’t really like orange. I’ve come to realize, however, that orange really likes me; I notice that everytime I wear this dress. That probably means more orange sewing projects in the future, right?

Day 21

Me-made item: Jane Bennet dress
We just went from cold and windy spring to warm and sunny summer in basically a heartbeat. On the one hand, I’ve been nursing a little cold which really sucks in hot temperatures, on the other hand I get to wear all my summer dresses so yay!

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4 responses to “Me Made May ’14 – Week Three”

    • Thank you! I actually didn’t notice I wore polka dots four days in a row until your comment, but I guess it’s a testament to how much I love them. And yes, you do have to, definitely! One can never have enough polka dot garments.

    • Thank you! I guess I am kind of obsessed with them, hehe. 😀
      It’s definitely on my list, but next time I think I’m going to go for a softer tone (this has been on my mind ever since I saw a gorgeous silk fabric like that for 50€/m, which is kind of (um, very much) out of my budget).

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