Me-Made May ’14 – Final Week

At the beginning of MMMay, I thought that maybe I’d struggle to find something to wear at the end of the month, but actually I was doing pretty good. I’ll write a post summing up my experiences with MMMay in the next few days, right now I’m not at home and need to sneak in internet time late in the evening.

Day 22

Me-made item: Budapest dress

Day 23

Me-made item: Pour quelques jours skirt
Have I mentioned how much I adore this skirt? I adore it so much I keep touching the fabric in the middle of classes or conversations like the little weirdo I am.

Day 24

Me-made item: Made So Quickly jumper

Day 25

Me-made item: Jane Bennet dress
This is after suffering my way up the Odenwald hills. I’m glad I actually look half-way decent because I was sweating like a pig. The picture was taking on a little look-out where you had the greatest view over the Rhein Valley, I thought that would look nice for a change … I had to assault a random lady not running away fast enough to take this picture, so you should appreciate the lengths I go for you guys. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 26

Me-made item: It Cannot Fail to Please jumper, black tank top
It’s really hard to find a skirt or pants to match this jumper, I’m still undecided what would look actually flattering worn together with the sweater. Do you have any suggestions, maybe?

Day 27

Me-made item: Spring dress
I’m still sort of on the fence when it comes to this dress.

Day 28

Me-made item: Pour quelques jours skirt

Day 29

Me-made item: Spring dress

Day 30

Me-made item: Silk blouse
I made this blouse with the help of my mother years ago. It’s fucking gorgeous so obviously I never wore it. I guess I felt overdressed and that made me insecure … It’s stupid, I know, but low self-esteem never helped me make good decisions. I got better, though! At least now I have no qualms with being slightly overdressed every day. At some point in this blouse’s sad existence, it landed on the repair pile because of the tiniest moth hole my mom discovered (as in ~*~moth hole~*~, which coming from my mother means it could’ve been created by everything from an actual moth to the Great Chthulu). Thanks to MMMay (yay MMMay!) it got repaired and worn again. Unfortunately, I’m not at the same weight as I was five years ago – as you can see, it fits rather … snugly.

Day 31

Me-made item: It Cannot Fail To Please jumper
For my last MMMay picture, I wanted to put in a little more effort than my usual standing in front of a wall and smiling, and I thought this very dramatically painted harpsichord would do the trick. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Isn’t it so very pretty? I wish I had my own harpsichord.)

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3 responses to “Me-Made May ’14 – Final Week”

  1. I ADORE you inftp jumper, it’s stunning. Regarding styling, how about a slimmer mid calf pencil skirt to balance it’s volume? I am very jealous you have Stitch in Time volume one, I am waiting for a reprint. I have Volume 2, and now I think I need to look at it again and knit something!

  2. Wow! That last photo is really lovely! I love your outfits and photos, but you look so relaxed and happy in that one, I had to single it out (& you should totally get a harpsichord!). Me-Made May was fun, wasn’t it? I am so glad the selfies are over now though…! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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