Me-Made May ’14 – Summary

I know May has been over for a while now, but I still wanted to post the promised MeMadeMay ’14 roundup – life has just been very demanding.

First a gallery with every garment I’ve worn in May! Click on one of the pictures to enlarge it.

I really have to thank So, Zo… for creating and hosting this challenge because, as it turns out, I learnt a lot from it!

  • Perfect garments: 1) The owls sweater is simply fantastic, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The shape is very flattering, it has just the right length to wear with pants and the owls are SO MUCH FUN. I can’t wait for winter to wear it again. 2) The Budapest dress. I need to make more garments from this pattern because it makes for the perfect summer dress. It’s pretty but also casual and looks flattering on me. The skirt has just the right amount of flare to make it suited for twirling, but not as much as to make it feel costume-y. 3) The Quelques jours skirt is amazing to wear on warmer days!
  • I do adore both the It Cannot Fail to Please and the Black and White jumper, but I need skirts that go with the length of vintage designs like this. Minxy suggested a pencil skirt, which I think might be the right idea!
  • In general I found that I’d like a few simple straight skirts à la Michelle in neutral colours to go with my colourful storebought sweaters and more casual day-to-day wear. I’ve got a lot of pieces that stand out. They’re obviously a lot of fun to make and garner more attention and compliments, but I’ve discovered I’d also like to have me-made garments for days spent writing papers for university, or alternatively for running, biking etc. On my to do list: shorts and tank tops, maybe simple jersey dresses.
  • I need more cardigans. Okay, I have a lot of storebought cardis, but those don’t count, right? I only have Lizzie (awesome), the Cable Bolero (ehhh) and Jen (cute, but only suited for dresses), but I really want to have some simple cardigans to throw over any given outfit when I’m cold.
  • I need to learn how to fix things properly. MMMay helped me get over myself and finally repaired the Black and White jumper and the silk blouse, but to be honest I don’t know how to properly go about it. I mean, I could figure it out, but I rarely actually do it. Then I read Kate Davies’ interview with Tom of Holland about mending and really got to thinking how awesome garments are that have visibly had a life, and how much character these mending technique would give a piece of clothing.
  • Funny story: MMMay really made me appreciate my storebought clothes. For about a week after the challenge I’d only wear storebought clothes. It was actually really nice. 🙂

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May 31st: It Cannot Fail To Please jumper
May 31st: It Cannot Fail To Please jumper

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  1. Wow! You really have some beautiful clothes! I’m very impressed by all the things you’ve knit – you ARE a speedy knitter! I also saw the Tom of Holland article – it was so interesting & relevant to how people view clothes today! And how I wish I could darn like that!

  2. You did great! I think it’s a really great experience, because you can find out what’s comfortable to wear, what goes well with many items in the wardrobe, ect. I think I should do the Me Made Month one day, I make lots of dresses but do I wear them all?….

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