Moi j’voulais une moustache


Now I’m not sure if I should claim that this project was inspired by Twin Twin’s Eurovision Song Contest contribution. On the one hand, it’s a very fun song – on the other hand, our poor neighbours lost abominably …

… but in the end, I started this pullover weeks before I even heard this song, and it has been in my Ravelry queue even longer. Who can resist colourwork as awesome and fun as this, after all?

I’ve been working on this project from April to the end of July. You should think it was the mustache pattern that took me so long, right? No. It was in fact the sleeves that took the longest. The in-the-round stockinette was so boring I couldn’t bring myself the pick up the project in the evening. The mustache pattern on the other hand? F – U – N. Quick to memorize, fun to knit and oh-so-adorable! Everytime I finished another row of mustaches, I’d look at them and be deliriously happy about it.

In hindsight, I sort of regret that I didn’t go with the colour scheme of the original. When I picked out the yarn (Cotton Universal by Wolle Rödel, which is very soft but pills terribly), I thought the anthrazit was prettier than the black colourway. Sadly, the black would’ve made the mustache stand out more, and now I feel you have to look twice to make out the mustache pattern. Oh well.  I also knit the rib pattern at the neck and hem with bigger needles instead of smaller ones because ………. reasons. Yes. Well. I have no idea why actually. I had to reknit the hem, of course, but couldn’t do anything anymore about the neck rib.


I was really suprised how heavy the pullover turned out to be, although it makes total sense now that I think about it. It’ll keep me very warm in winter. The pattern itself is easier than it seems, since there’s no shaping involved. This was my first raglan sweater, so that was new to me. I’m not actually sure I like it much, though. The more sweaters I knit the more I come down on the side of seamed instead of seamless. I just don’t like juggling too many stitches on my needles.

I’m not even going to talk about all the ends I had to weave in … It’s my fault, though. I deviated from the pattern because I didn’t feel it was such a good idea to just carry along the blue yarn behind the work when working the sleeve stitches. I’m a clutzy person people, the chance that my fingers would get caught in one of those strands is too high! So I cut them in half and wove those ends in, too.


The pattern is very clear to read, but I’d recommend studying it carefully from beginning to end before casting on. (Or am I the only one who usually takes it one row at a time?) Otherwise it knits up very nicely! It wasn’t very clear to me at first in which direction I should rotate the pattern to read, though, but you can probably chalk that down to inexperience.


Pattern: I Mustache You to Pullover by Kayla Dyches

Yarn: Wolle Rödel Cotton Universal

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  1. Fantastic! I love the pattern & the colours you used – and you really are a super fast knitter! I’m impressed you managed to finish those sleeves – I really have no patience for stockinette! 😉

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