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My friends Angela and Teodora from Serbia were staying at my place a couple of weeks ago because they were working at a festival in my home town. When they left, they gave this huuuuge bag of goodies! Aren’t they such sweethearts? There’s a bunch of snacks and sweets, a jar of homemade marmelade and a bottle of homemade brandy, which I’ve decided is pálinka but maybe it isn’t, I’m no expert, I just drink it. 😉


Also in the bag were six balls of yarn, which is obviously the way to make me very happy! 😀 The yarn is called Dora (DK, 100% acrylic) and is manufactured by a Turkish brand, Ören Bayan. Isn’t that awesome? I really like having yarn with a story. “This is a Turkish yarn I got from my friends from Serbia as a gift” sounds much better than “so I bought this in the store”, doesn’t it?

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to make with it. A quick search of my Ravelry queue brought up the following patterns (pictures below are all taken from their respective Ravelry pattern pages!):

(1)Frost on Leaves by Midori Hirose (2) The Great Divide by Michele Brown (3) Almeara Gloves by Jared Flood

I think the hat would look adorable in grey and yellow, as does the shawl. Then again I already have enough hats and shawls, but just one pair of self-knit gloves … although knitting those gloves kind of sucked! On the other hand, the Almeara Gloves pattern does look very warm and I have perpetually cold hands. If we’re being honest here – and knowing my track record with these kinds of things – I will probably change my mind about a gazillion times and this yarn will end up being something completely different. Looking at patterns and imagining what they’d look like in your yarn is one of the most fun parts of crafting, though!

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