Flowers, Lizards and Marie Antoinette

My friend Ena gave me free tickets to a horticultural show at Wiblingen Abbey (DiGA Gartenmesse Kloster Wiblingen) near my hometown. She had won the tickets but couldn’t attend because she’s living in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Lovely people giving me stuff seems to be a theme here lately! But seriously, I have the most awesome friends. =) I took this as an opportunity to dress up in one of my selfmade dresses

… for a lovely Sunday outing! We looked at lots of plants …

Does someone know the name of this flower? It’s so cute! <3
I have a weird fascination with carnivorous plants.

… and assorted curiosities.

I’d have loved to buy a couple of plants, but I only have two window sills in my apartment, of which one is full to the brim and the other has no sun. Anyway, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday! Thanks again Ena for thinking of me!

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