From the archives: My knitting needle case


Knitting needles are the sneakiest little buggers. If I’m not careful, I’ll distribute them evenly over my apartment and my Dad’s house. Sometimes I open a drawer to find a needle and just go “there you are! I was looking all over the place for you”. I am not a neat person. (This is also the reason why you’ll never see pictures of my sewing/knitting corner from me. The fact is, I don’t do orderly nonsense like “sewing/knitting corner”. I’m not gonna let lofty ideals like organization limit my creative process, no sir!)


As a result, I never used to find the needles I needed, so at one point I decided to I needed something sensible like a knitting case. And what do you know? I can MAKE myself a knitting case. (That was quite the revelation back then.) I came across this very well-written tutorial, which requires only a couple of squares of fabric, a ribbon and some decorative knick-knack if you’re so inclined and takes only an evening to make. It’s been a few years since I made this and I can emphatically recommend it. I put my straight needles in the top row, my dpns in the middle row, and my circulars (plus crochet hooks) fit perfectly in the bigger pockets on the third row.


If you’re like me and commute and travel quite a lot, but don’t want to do without your knitting needles, you just need to fold the excess fabric at the top, roll the case up sidewise and then make a little bow with your ribbon and voilà: your needles are safe (as are your finger from them) and will definitely not slip out and spread all over your bag. (I speak from experience.) Also the case has the perfect form to cram into an already chock-full suitcase. (I also speak from experience.)


In conclusion: I’ve used this needle case for years, I’m still extremely pleased with it and highly recommend the tutorial. On the other hand I just found an entire Pinterest board full of ideas for needle storage so I’m kind of wondering if a second knitting needle case is something that I need in my life. ………… Answer: Nope. Not really. But there’s a Marauders’ Map Crochet Hook Roll, so. (All joking aside, the idea to embroider the needle sizes on the pockets of your case is all kinds of brilliant.)

Do you have a knitting needle case? How does it look?

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  1. I have saved a few knitting needle cases on my Pinterest board in the hope that I’m going to make one for my Mum! However, this is the first time I have seen a tiered one!! I think I might have to try this design 🙂

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