Sometimes sock knitting is what my brain needs to take a break from uni panic.

Dearest blog,

I would like to apologize sincerely for the criminal way in which I neglected you. Please don’t be mad at me! That one paper was eating me alive, and then I had this work thing in Vienna, and then uni started again and demanded all my attention. Bad uni, shame on you! But now I’m here again and I come bearing gifts! Well, an update, anyway.


It’s that time of the year again. You know, that time when I have to find gifts for my family’s November birthday extravaganza and then I have to find the same people gifts for Christmas again, and actually I don’t have the time because I still have to write two papers and prepare a presentation before Christmas and also I need to figure out a topic for my MA thesis and fuck I just gave myself a panic attack. THAT TIME.


I do have to admit that knitting these socks was very fun and relaxing. I should knit socks more often. I’d actually like to take up knitting intricate fingering weight socks again, but this was a thing I did for my Grandma and it’s still sort of a weak point. For the time being, I’m content to make aran weight socks with a simple pattern and in muted colours for my uncle.


I recommend this pattern to beginner sock knitters, by the way. It’s very detailed, with lots of illustrations and helpful tips. There are also instructions for sizes ranging from toddler to adult male, so it has great re-knit value too! 🙂

Pattern: Rye Socks by tincanknits
Pattern modification: Knitted on 3mm needles, 13cm leg length, 23cm + 3cm = 26cm foot length.
Yarn: Oslo by Wolle Rödel (Aran, 100% wool, colourway: kork)

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