Gaenor in Grey


Don’t you agree that I absolutely needed another shawl? I definitely don’t have enough things to put around my neck … 😛


There was still leftover yarn from my Such Flattering Puff Sleeves sweater, so I decided to make another shawl from Corrina Ferguson’s Sideways Shawls collection. My Bakersfield is cute and so soft thanks to the alpaca yarn, but it’s too small to really keep me warm. This won’t be a problem with this one! The pattern is easily memorized. At some point my eyes just kinda … glazed over and I made some minor errors, but nothing really bad. I like the way garter stitch looks, but it gets very very tedious after a while! Still, I have already used this shawl several times in the evening when I felt a little chilly, so it was well worth the effort.


Pattern: Gaenor by Corrina Ferguson

 Yarn: the wonderful Chinese yarn my friend Peiyi gave me

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