The lady in red is dancing with me


This yarn was a gift from my friend Jasmin, she of the Darth Vader mittens and Sheep Heid fame.  I’ve had it in my stash for a while, because I wasn’t completely sure what to do with it. I really love the deep red colour and the little pailettes – that, however, also means that the yarn could end up being too overbearing with the wrong pattern. Eventually I settled on this cowl because of its simplicity.


This is my first time knitting with 15 mm needles, and I … well, disliked it. It’s basically like knitting with tree trunks! Weird feeling. On the other hand, the project was finished insanely fast even though I doubled the stitch count from 45 to 90 stitches. This was done out of laziness because my circular needle was too long for the original stitch count and I don’t like the magic loop technique. It had the added side effect that I’d use up more of my yarn. While I like the overall look of the cowl (you can’t go wrong with red and glittery in my book), the length feels a bit awkward. That said, it’s going to look AMAZING with a simple black jersey dress! (Yes. New project. :P)


Pattern: Marian by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Crystal by Novita (Super Bulky, 51% Acrylic/18% Mohair/18% Nylon (Polyamide)/13% Polyester)