A Sunny Afternoon in Violet


My friend Lisa is very pretty and very fashionable – in fact, she has a really awesome fashion and lifestyle blog, Mrs. O.Gehry And Her Curves. It’s in German, but the outfit posts alone are worth a look. My favourite is this 50s inspired skirt and striped shirt combo! I think that’s the only clue you need to understand that I love making things for her … 😀

DSC03472  The hat was a birthday present for her last year. It’s Rose Red by Ysolda Teague, my favourite hat pattern hands down. It looks fairly involved, but really it isn’t that hard because Ysolda’s pattern are written in such a clear and thoughtful way. I can only wholeheartedly recommend you try your hand at them! I knew Lisa would like the hat because she had been saying ever since we first met how much she loved my own red version, which is one of my favourite make to this day. I chose the violet colourway because I thought that a) Lisa would love the feminine look of it and b) it’d be lovely with her complexion.


DSC03473 This year, I wanted to give her something to go with the hat. There was only one problem: Since I had no pictures at that point, I wasn’t entirely sure which colourway I had used the previous year. So I put my thinking cap on in the yarn shop and tried to sherlock my way into my brain circa March 2014 – as you can see, it worked out just fine. 😉 I chose a pattern that used both cables and lace just like the hat.* It’s a fairly straightforward make, but the angled button band is an interesting detail …

* I don’t know if you noticed, but Lisa’s basically the perfect giftee for my knitted gifts – I can do all the lace and use all the girly colours of my heart’s desire!

DSC03466… I also probably should have taken pictures of this detail, for oh, I don’t know, illustration, but I’m quite the novice behind the camera so I hope you forgive me. Still, I enjoyed playing photographer that sunny afternoon a couple of days ago!


Pattern: Rose Red by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Soft-Merino by Wolle Rödel (Aran, 100% Merino), #303 Violett


Pattern: #98 Lush Button-Up Cowl by Sweater Babe

Yarn: Soft-Merino by Wolle Rödel (Aran, 100% Merino), #303 Violett

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    • Well, when I was knitting my own version of the pattern I initally added a ribbed bottom, but it didn’t look good at all. It’s not really necessary, either, because the cables make for a tighter fabric so it fits around your head. I really like that it looks different than most hats!

      Thank you! <3

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