This one for parties, Artsy Edition


Before our outdoor photoshoot for my This one for parties jumper I had originally planned to have my picture taken sitting on stone stairs while reading a book. Unfortunately, the streets were still wet from the rain; but when it started raining again, we went to Peiyi’s room and I jumped at the chance to get my picture with book after all!


Then we started to try all sorts of poses we could think of, or rather, Peiyi could think of, because I’m notoriously uninspired when it comes to these things. I especially love this Inception-style picture with the developed photos from our Falling Leaves Dress shoot on the wall. I even tried to imitate the poses. 🙂



It was such a fun day! I love these kind of artsy pictures and wanted to give them an extra post (plus, the inside lighting warped the colours, which I thought would be a bit confusing together with the other pictures).


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