Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Five

Day 25

Dress: First Days of Spring

This is possibly the most irritatingly smug pictures anyone ever took of me, and I find it unbelievably funny. Sorry guys, I was tired after a long car ride and gave zero fucks that evening. 😀 (I think I figured out what bothers me about this dress, though: the waistline should be higher! Let’s see if I can be bothered to fix this at some point.)

Day 26

Dress: Falling Leaves

I usually don’t wear this dress in spring because it just … I mean, I don’t want to give the trees any ideas, you know? Some are probably gonna think, hey, let’s lose all of our leaves just for fun and games! That said, after the fitting desaster that is the Spring dress on the previous day, I just wanted to wear something that actually made me feel good about myself. This dress does, because it’s awesome. That is all.

Day 27

Dress: Knit Dress (unblogged) Socks: Esther (unblogged, but ravelled)

I pretty much stayed in bed all day, so I wore something comfy. I made this knit dress last year and never blogged about it because I initially disliked how it looked. I’ve come around to it big time (it’s just sooooo comfortable!), so I’ll probably try to get some good pictures of it in the near future. I just need to fix the seams beforehand, because they’re very loose.

Day 28

DSC03770_bearbeitetJumper: It Cannot Fail To Please

…….. and it never does fail to please. The silk feels luxuriously good on the skin; plus, wearing it makes me feel all elegant and refined!

Day 29

DSC03780_bearbeitetTop: Cats!

I didn’t have much to wear anymore that day, so I threw on the Cats! top with this black dress. I added the belt so I wouldn’t look like a shapeless potatoe, but I admit it isn’t the best outfit.

Day 30



Dress: Civil War Reunion

I absolutely enjoy wearing ths dress, but I wish I could actually put it on without help. The way it is, I can only wear it on the weekends when I visit my parents …

Day 31

DSC03826_bearbeitetTop: Paton’s Nautical Top (unblogged – pictures coming up!)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DONE. Hope everyone had a good MMMay! I’ll have a little summary for mine up in the next days.


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