Me-Made-May ’15 – Summary

First off, I’m SO sorry for accidentally posting this twice before. I had scheduled it at certain dates, but never came around to writing the text, and then promptly forgot about it. I apologize for spamming your reading list with unfinished posts …

Me Made May was all in all a bit “meh” for me this year. It’s probably because I didn’t change the challenge from last year. I tried to up the difficulty when I said I wouldn’t wear a garment more than two times, but to be honest I already did this last year as well. So I already knew I was more than capable to wear one garment each day for a month, which kind of ruined the suspense. Plus, I realized I hadn’t worked on any of the resolutions I made after last years MMMay. 🙁 It’s mostly because I haven’t sewn much lately. My summer was wasted on failed attempts at shorts, the fall semester was honestly so exhausting I didn’t really feel like sewing, and in the spring break I struggled with the weight gain of the previous months which also didn’t help to get my sewing mojo back.

Now that we have the depressing parts out of the way, I really had fun taking those pictures. I feel like I’ve gotten quite good with the tripod. I’m rather pleased with the pictures I’ve had to take myself – they are the ones with the big stone wall behind me. My highlight however were those pictures with the music instruments! SO MUCH FUN. It was kind of sad that I didn’t get accepted to the Pinterest Board for MMMay to show the pictures to other participants …

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Do I have resolutions? Why yes, I do:

  • I really need to stop being a lazy bum and finally make a skirt going with my vintage sweaters. I bought the fabric, I have a pattern in mind, I just need to start the project.
  • I need more tops. I’m really into knit tops at the moment thanks to my Nautical Top and have been browsing my Ravelry queue for similar patterns. I also would like to make a few tanktops. I’m wearing my Death of the Endless tanktop all the time, so those would be a good addition for my wardrobe.
  • I want more dresses! I’ve been living vicariously through Brahdelt of FriendSheep’s MMMay entries showing her wonderful collection of dresses and it’s inspired me to finally start my Cambie dress!

Thank you, Zoe of So, Zo … for hosting MMMay! I still thinks it’s a great challenge and I will participate next year as well!

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