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My friend Patricia is crazy smart and I should always listen to her, like, as a general rule in life. I’m just saying, I’d probably avoid a lot of headaches, and papers that make me want to hit my head repeatedly against the wall out of anger/boredom. I adore her slightly 50s inspired, classic style; girl looks fantastic in a shirt/circle dress. When I decided I’d knit her a hat for her birthday in January, two things were perfectly clear: a) it had to be a beret, and b) it had to be a gorgeous, deep red. I was sure it’d look beautiful with her blonde hair, and it definitely does look beautiful!



It’s been a while since I knit this hat, it was sometime at the beginning of January, and I don’t remember much about it. It must have been a quick and pleasant knit! I’m usually not a big fan of cables, but I think it really works in this pattern – simple and classic! I’ve used the aran merino yarn from Wolle Rödel for this project. I’ve used it for many, and despite the negative comments on Ravelry, have never had any problems with it. The colour is exactly like I imagined, although apparently it doesn’t photograph easily. 😀 I think the first picture is the closest to reality. The next two pictures have been slightly altered in Photoshop; the red was too bright in the originals. Regardless, the whole outfit is gorgeous, isn’t it? The red hat and her blonde her make such a pretty contrast to that black dress, it’s très chic!

DSC03884Pattern: Cabled Beret by Ashley Elva

Yarn: Soft-Merino by Wolle Rödel (Aran, 100% Merino)

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