Finally, another tank top!


On Sunday my friend Neko (of NF Cosplay) and I went to the Stoffmarkt Holland in Munich, a traveling fabrics market. I’ve always wanted to go there, but somehow I’ve constantly missed the markets in Mannheim or Ludwigshafen, which are actually much closer to me. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when Neko asked me if I wanted to go along with her! It was sooooooo great, but I’m grateful I had just drawn 20€ from my bank account. I would’ve spent ALL my non-existent money otherwise! I still brought home an impressive haul for such a limited budget:

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I want to use the anthrazit fabric for a vintage skirt to suit my vintage sweaters, and the light blue lining for a chequered blue-and-white Cambie. Since my MMMay resolutions involved tank tops for the second year in a row, I obviously had to purchase the red jersey. I wanted to buy the blue jersey too, as well as the grey jersey, and so on – same thing with the lining, really – but I went with the turquoise fabric for another vintage skirt.


I had planned to do some work for university when I came home from the market, but I was so psyched about my purchases that I made this tank top instead. I initially tried to use my mom’s serger for every seam, but while it will do seams just fine, the electronics are broken so you can’t really change programs or adjust the settings. I ended up using the serger for the side seams, and the regular sewing machine for everything else. I used the same Burda pattern as in my Death of the Endless top. It’s two pieces and sews up quickly and without much fuss. I know I said that I’d adjust the neckline (’cause boobies) but decided I actually liked it that way. Sometimes you just gotta flaunt what you have! :3


I’m very pleased with the top and I’m sure it’ll become as much a staple of my wardrobe as the black version. Red is my favourite colour after all … also, I think I look very good in the pictures taken by the wonderful Lisa of Mrs.O.Gehry and Her Curves!


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