September 2015

  • Lola, Honey, We Need to Talk

    Lola, Honey, We Need to Talk

    I’m completely obsessed with the A Stitch in Time books by Jane Waller/Susan Crawford, and the number of finished objects from them reflect on that obsession. My only problem is that I don’t have suitable seperates to wear with my vintage jumpers! If I don’t want to show my belly to everyone, that is. I […]

  • White as Snow: Presenting My Grandma’s Knit Dress

    White as Snow: Presenting My Grandma’s Knit Dress

    Today it’s been two years since my Grandma passed away. To be honest, I miss her like crazy and wish she was still here with me, so I thought I’d post about one of her knitting projects in her honour! As people who’ve been following this blog longer know, my Grandma was a very accomplished knitter; […]

  • Hey Chameleon!

    Hey Chameleon!

    In hell, there’s a spot where you have to photograph reddish hues for the rest of eternity, I’m sure. It’s probably on the seventh circle or something. We tried taking pictures of this cardigan three times, with two different cameras. It was insane. Either it was too pale, or it was bright red, or it was […]

  • Effie in the Alps

    Effie in the Alps

    Hi there guys! I’m back from a week in the Alps, but I’ve been keeping busy there too! I finally finished the Effie sweater that I’ve started back in May. Knitting the body and the sleeves was fairly quick, you see, but the ruffles and the finishing were a royal pain in the ass. You have […]

  • Pretty Little Leftovers

    Pretty Little Leftovers

    Does anyone else spent a disproportionate amount of time leafing through sewing magazines? If I didn’t have a paper to write, I’d do nothing but. I’ve been trying to be more organized about it, though: I decide on a certain project I want to sew or choose a fabric I want to work with, and […]

  • Lazy daisy or the day I discovered mending

    Lazy daisy or the day I discovered mending

    I’ve been fascinated with visible mending since I first read about Tom of Holland’s Visible Mending Programme. To be honest, I have never mended or darned anything before; it seemed a boring and unpleasant task to me, and I shifted it off to my mother. There she was, trying to make repairs as invisible as possible, […]

  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the maxi dress

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the maxi dress

    HEY GUYS I JUST MADE SOMETHING AMAZING!! I’m so excited! Maxi dresses are awesome I’m sorry I ever doubted you! Phew, OKAY. Just needed to get that off my chest. As I just said, I’ve always sideeyed maxi dresses, mostly because I didn’t understand how you could wear them without involuntarily cleaning the boardwalk at […]