White as Snow: Presenting My Grandma’s Knit Dress

Today it’s been two years since my Grandma passed away. To be honest, I miss her like crazy and wish she was still here with me, so I thought I’d post about one of her knitting projects in her honour!


As people who’ve been following this blog longer know, my Grandma was a very accomplished knitter; I learnt knitting under her stern, watchful eye. She had a bunch of different knit dresses that she used to wear all the time, to the point where they were threadbare and, well, just not very nice anymore. Of course she kept wearing them (“They’re just so comfortable!”) instead of the beautiful expensive clothing she only donned for tea with her friends!


My Dad hated these dresses and only allowed me to keep one after my Grandma’s death – honestly, I wouldn’t have worn most of them anyway. I chose this white one that is still in pristine condition.




It’s made with my Grandma’s knitting machine that she gave away when I was still quite young because her eyesight had become too poor. It’s beautiful craftsmanship, isn’t it? I adore that lace panel and the way it’s kept together with buttons! Grandma used to design a lot of clothes – I still have a notebook with all her notes on different projects.


And guess what? This dress is, indeed, very comfortable! Although I’m going to wear a slip underneath next time – not so much for modesty’s sake (even though that’d make my Grandma very happy) but because it’s a little bit itchy. I definitely think this is going to go into my everyday clothing rotation, though. For some reason I was convinced that the dress would look too matronly, but now that I’ve seen the pictures I’ve realized that it looks really nice!