Oh, What to Buy: The Coupon Conundrum

Guys! Look what I got!



A few weeks back, I filled out a survey on the Wolle Rödel website. I usually don’t do surveys, but the promise of a 10€ coupon give-away amongst the participants was too tempting to resist. To my great surprise, I actually won a coupon! Wooooooooo!

Tangled Yay!

Of course, this is a large-scale, long-term disaster. You know why? Because now I have to choose what kind of yarn I’m going to buy. I mean, yikes! I’m not a decision making kind of person. I usually wait so long to make a decision until I don’t have to make it anymore because everyone got impatient and left. I’m a major overthinker, is what I’m trying to say! My mom wanted to go to the yarn shop the moment I got my coupon in the mail, but I was like, wait, I need to really think about this. Deeply. And then I made a list.

1. Do I knit this scarf using Rico Fashion Elements in the colourway Komet?

Rico Fashion Elements (Super Bulky, 59% Wool/40% Acrylic/1% Polyester).
Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks by Morgendämmerung
© Morgen Dämmerung.

PRO: I’m pretty sure the yarn is gonna look amazing with this stitch. Also, the pattern has been in my queue since basically the dawn of time, so it’s definitely time.

CONTRA: It’s a scarf. I hate knitting scarves.

2. Do I knit this A Stitch in Time jumper using the 100% cotton Mille Fili yarn?

Mille Fili (DK, 100% Cotton).
© Susan Crawford.

PRO: I love the A Stitch in Time patterns. I love this colourway. It’s match made in heaven. Can you imagine how cute this jumper would be with a black or white ribbon?

CONTRA: Summer is over. I don’t particularly want to knit with cotton right now.

3. Do I want to knit this Amy Christoffers cardigan in the gradient grey Super Big Colour yarn?

Super Big Colour (Super Bulky, 53% Wool/47% Acrylics).
Longs Sands Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
© Amy Christoffers.

PRO: I need more casual garments. Gradient yarns are the best thing ever!

CONTRA: This is 8€/ball. You need 9 balls for a size M, which would add up to 72€ for the yarn. I’m not gonna be able to eat for a month if I make this purchase. (Yeah, this one’s a definite no-no, but a girl can dream.)

4. Do I knit this Kim Hargreaves tunic in black Polar?

Polar (Super Bulky, 50% Wool/50% Acrylics).
© Kim Hargreaves.

PRO: It’s a really quick knit. The tunic is definitely going to keep me warm during the colder months.

CONTRA: I hate knitting in black (you can’t see your knitting very well), but I kind of want this to be black.

5. Do I knit this Kim Hargreaves cable cardigan in this beautiful jade colourway?

Merino Plus (Worsted, 50% Wool/50% Acrylics).
© Kim Hargreaves.

PRO: Goddamnit I love that colour.

CONTRA: Doesn’t the pattern look a bit matronly? I don’t know.

6. Do I knit this adorable tunic in soft snuggly alpaca?

Baby Alpaka (DK, 100% Baby Alpaca).
Pierrot Empire Waist
© Pierrot Yarns (Gosyo Co., Ltd.).

PRO: ALPACA. ’nuff said.

CONTRA: I adore the pattern, but I can definitely see a couple of knitting meltdowns with this in the future.

7. Do I knit this snuggly jacket in this amaaaaaaaaazingly fluffy yarn?

Super Soft (Super Bulky, 55% Wool/30% Acrylics/15% Alpaca).
© Kim Hargreaves.

PRO: I mean, look at this yarn. I just wanna knit something with it.

CONTRA: I don’t know about the pattern. I think it has the potential to look great, but it could also go another way and end up being just frumpy and overall meh.


Hm, I have literally no idea which yarn to buy! Decisions are hard, people. Can you help me?



Disclaimer: I took the yarn pictures from the Wolle Rödel website and linked back to it. The patterns are linked to Ravelry; their pictures are marked with the designer’s name. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. I did vote, but I don’t know if I made the right choice – too many to choose from! In the end I went with the yarn I thought I would most like to knit with, personally. Which isn’t a very smart thing to do, because I’m not the one who will be knitting it, haha!

    • Thanks for voting! 🙂 Oh no, that’s okay, I wanted to see what others would like – since I want to knit all of it, I thought it’d make it easier to decide if I saw other people’s preferences!

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