November 2015

  • How do I get out of my knitting funk?

    How do I get out of my knitting funk?

    I mean, yes, I’ve knitted two hats lately. They were already an attempt to get out of the knitting funk, however! You see, after my poll a couple of weeks ago I decided to knit the Storm cardigan by Kim Hargreaves. I bought the Polar yarn I mentioned in said post, although I purchased it […]

  • Lucky Cables

    Lucky Cables

    Ever since Meike taught me how to knit cables without a cable needle, I’ve been looking at the cable projects in my queue in a completely different light. Previously, I was mostly like “this looks nice, but it has cables – meh, too hard”; now I can’t wait to knit all of them! I started […]

  • Breaking news: my mom approved this hat!

    Breaking news: my mom approved this hat!

    My mom is the harshest judge of crafting shenanigans, and especially the hats that I make for her. Her utmost priority is that they’re warm, and that the brim of the hat covers her ears. That’s two rather sensible demands, to be honest, but at least my first hat for her did not meet them and […]

  • Subtlety, meet skirt.

    Subtlety, meet skirt.

    I started sewing because I dreamt of pretty 50s-style dresses, already dashing through life armed with giant petticoats and polkadots in my mind. In reality, I often got the most wear out of the simpler projects. Here, too, I quickly sewed up two skirts and have proceeded to basically live in them for about two weeks […]

  • What’s in the box?

    What’s in the box?

    A few weeks ago The Sweaty Knitter asked where our WIPs live, as well as our assorted crafting supplies. My WIPs usually live in plastic bags, but my knitting and sewing supplies do have a more romantic home. I found this box in my Grandma’s wardrobe full to the brim with vintage gloves. While I […]

  • I sewed a grown-up dress and I liked it

    I sewed a grown-up dress and I liked it

    I’ve been thinking a lot about life as an adult lately. It’s probably only a few months until I get my degree (fingers crossed!) and things like job hunting and other scary grown-up things are in my near future. (I still feel like I’m play-acting at being adult most of the time. I’m barely capable of […]

  • Neutrals for my Sock Yarn Blanket

    Neutrals for my Sock Yarn Blanket

    It’s been a while since I updated on the progress of my sock yarn blanket! This is a project I started way in 2012 and have been adding to faithfully everytime I had some leftovers from knitting a pair of socks. It’s a great way to tackle that leftover stash! (Has yours assumed vast proportions […]

  • Rose Garden Romance

    Rose Garden Romance

    There’s definitely too much of a good thing. I love picot edging. I love this lace stitch pattern. But by Jove, this was excruciating to knit. It was boring and it took ages and it was not, not at all, fun. I think I just powered through because I love alpaca yarn so much. And it […]