Rose Garden Romance


There’s definitely too much of a good thing. I love picot edging. I love this lace stitch pattern. But by Jove, this was excruciating to knit. It was boring and it took ages and it was not, not at all, fun. I think I just powered through because I love alpaca yarn so much. And it is a pretty jumper, isn’t it?



I knit the pattern as described in a size 34, except that I made the sleeves longer. Originally it called for 2 inch à 2 pattern repeats before you start on the sleeve cap shaping, but I did five. Long sleeves would’ve been perfect, but I couldn’t bring myself to knit one more repeat of the lace pattern. (As I said, excruciating.)



I’m really proud of my finishing at the sleeves and the hem. Picot edging looks so clean and professional! I don’t quite like the neckline, though. I think I cast on too many stitches, so there’s a bit of gaping going on.


By the way, I know you can see my bra and I’m fine with it. 😉 I feel like a shirt underneath would ruin the lace effect, but maybe a beige underdress would do the trick. I’m not that worried about my modesty, though, so you gotta live with bra!sneak peek. 😀


The pattern is designed to fit snugly, and fit snugly it does! I honestly wish I would’ve gone a size up, for comfort’s sake. I still think it’s super cute and romantic! That’s why I had to shoot it at the little rose rondel near my parents’ place.



Pattern: Nympheas by Susannah Hill

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca (Sport, 100% Alpaca), 3900 tomate

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  1. Quite lovely, and I agree that the color is just perfect for you. I’m happy that you persevered and finished the sweater even though it was boring because the finished garment was worth it. I once knitted a pair of socks for my mother using twined knitting. I hated every second of knitting those socks, but seeing the smile on my mother’s face when she put them on was worth the aggravation of knitting them. They were beautiful socks.

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