I sewed a grown-up dress and I liked it


I’ve been thinking a lot about life as an adult lately. It’s probably only a few months until I get my degree (fingers crossed!) and things like job hunting and other scary grown-up things are in my near future. (I still feel like I’m play-acting at being adult most of the time. I’m barely capable of feeding myself on a daily basis, do you really expect me to figure out taxes?) When I looked at this dress I laughed because my sewing had so obviously been influenced by my current state of mind.


Initially I wanted to make my maid of honour dress in this grey stretch fabric, but ended up wearing my dark blue test version. I thought about sewing up the grey version if only to figure out the pattern properly, then decided against it. My wardrobe is full of garments that won’t fit me anymore or are impractical for everyday use, I don’t need another dress for special occasions.


Burda 10/2014 Nr. 105 is sophisticated but not festive. Made in a thick stretch fabric, it shapes your body yet is surprisingly comfortable (and warm!) to wear. Plus, I can dress it down simply by throwing a knit cardigan over it. You know who has many knit cardigans? Yes, you guessed it, this barely functioning adult with a new grown-up garment in her wardrobe right here!


It’s a bit tight around the upper arms, sadly. Made in a fabric with more stretch this probably wouldn’t be an issue.



I’m still rather pleased with the result, and it’s very simple to sew to boot. Made up of three pattern pieces – front, back and sleeves – it sews up very quickly. The front piece is tucked beneath the back piece and is supposed to be sewn into place by hand. I know the results of my hand sewing and decided a visible seam that lasts past the first day was preferable. Unfortunately, the fabric is too thick to create a nice cowl neckline, but that’s a minor quibble I can absolutely live with.


I also took the opportunity to use up some of the bias tape I bought in Romania last summer! After tidying my room at my Dad’s place for the first time in months, I decided I had too much fabric and sewing bits and pieces. Now I’m not allowed to buy anything new until I have used up a good deal of my stash!

Now please go take a look at all the other awesome finished objects from Me Made Mittwoch. 🙂


Pattern: Burda 10/2014 Nr. 105 (size 40)

Fabric: Grey stretch fabric from Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm

Photography: Mom

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  1. I think that this is a great everyday-dress for fall. The neckline is really Special and gives it the certain Twist 🙂
    I wish you a lot of fun with your Dress and a lot of luck in growing up. You’ll see: It won’t hurt 😉

  2. […] I’ve made this dress before in a grey fabric that was a lot less stretchy. This jersey suits the pattern much better to be honest. It’s the same one I used for my teal dress a few months back. Jersey often looks and feels cheap to me, but not this one – it’s soft to the touch and looks high-quality. […]

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