What’s in the box?


A few weeks ago The Sweaty Knitter asked where our WIPs live, as well as our assorted crafting supplies. My WIPs usually live in plastic bags, but my knitting and sewing supplies do have a more romantic home. I found this box in my Grandma’s wardrobe full to the brim with vintage gloves. While I had to give the gloves away because they were too small for my hands, I kept that pretty, pretty box.


A superficial google search tells me that “B.C. mit dem Katzenkopf” was the logo of a local family business called Beurer producing electrical devices for health and wellness. Until the 80s they specialized in heating cushions. A couple of Ebay auctions offer these cushions in boxes with this sort of design (floral, with the cat logo) and date them to the 50s, 1955 specifically. I think that’s such a fun tidbit of knowledge!


I use it to store all kinds of crafting bits and bobs: bias tape, ribbons, beads, elastic bands, buttons (in the “3 Früchte” can), my tailor’s chalk and pins. It’s very helpful to keep my supplies apart from my mother’s, because she has a tendency to put things away to places where I don’t find them (“I’m just cleaning up the place”, she says). 😉

Where do you keep your crafting supplies?

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  1. I love the box and thank you for the story behind it! I keep my fabric stash in large rubber/plastic storage boxes. I keep my small notions and tools in small storage boxes – nothing as nice as this! I have to keep everything tidy because I don’t have a sewing room and am constantly moving from one corner to another!

  2. What a pretty box!
    I have two boxes for my sewing supplies, the first one is a cardboard one with a rose pattern and there I keep everything I always use while working on a project – pins, needles, scissors, ect. The other one is the wooden box I inherited after my Grandmother died. She used to keep medicine bottles in that box but it’s prefect for thread spools, zippers and buttons.

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