In Which My Butt Looks Fiiiine (If I Do Say So Myself)

Yes, you read that right. The butt in question looks like this in those trousers:


I mean, I’d hit that.


Okay, okay, I’ll stop perving on myself right now. It’s just that I’m so extraordinarily pleased that I sewed a pair of trousers and they look good. To be honest, I was fully prepared to chuck them into a corner in disappointment! My choosing a simple pattern from Burda Easy H/W 2015 (elastic waistband, zipper at the side, no button fly) definitely helped this experience into a success.


I had to shorten the length of the trouser leg considerably, but I basically just used the measurements of the shorter 2A pattern variation. No other changes were made to the pattern, which made for a very satisfactory instant gratification project!


There’s one thing I have to keep in mind, though: Either I need to buy a elastic band in the right size, or I have to adapt the waistband to the width of the elastic. It’s one of those things that should have actually been perfectly clear, but I still merrily continued as if this wouldn’t end up with a consistently twisted elastic.


Nevertheless, I love my first trousers. My next pair is going to be better, but for now I’m very proud of them. Sewing trousers has always seemed like an intimidating challenge so this truly feels like an accomplishment.


Pattern: Burda Easy H/W 2015, Mod. 2B

Fabric: Stoffmarkt Holland

Photography: Patricia

8 responses to “In Which My Butt Looks Fiiiine (If I Do Say So Myself)”

  1. The fit is perfect, you did a great job! ^v^
    May I have just one comment? I think you folded the front pleats in the wrong direction… They open up towards the middle line of the trousers and they should open towards the sides. But still, it is a winning project!

    • Ohhhhhhhhh that explains so much! I thought something might be wrong, but for some reason I was stumped as to what …. Thanks for your comment, now I know where to be careful next time! 🙂

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