My Top 5 Crafting Hits and Misses 2015

I recently came across this end of the year challenge and thought it sounded fun. Of course I won’t only talk about sewing, I have plenty of knitting projects I’m proud of/not so proud of this year! I don’t feel particularily inspired to write about highlights, reflections and goals, so I’ll limit myself to my top 5 hits and misses. 🙂

My Top 5 Hits 2015

1. Long Sands Cardigan 2. Grey Trousers 3. Chunky Cable Hoodie Vest 4. Yellow Maxi Dress 5. To Wear With A Summer Suit

I chose these five projects for different reasons: (1) and (5) are my favourite makes this year. The trousers (2) were new sewing territory that had always scared me, so I’m kinda proud I tackled this project. (3) and (4) were new territory as well, but style-wise, and are proof that sometimes you simply need to branch out outside your comfort zone and you find something you’ll want to wear all the time. Those three projects are the main reason why I think 2015 was a successful crafting year for me. I learnt new things, new techniques as well as new styling ideas! That’s always a success in my book.

Top 5 Misses Mild Disappointments 2015

1. Lola skirt 2. Darth Vader Mittens 3. Marian cowl 4. Christmas dress 5. Devon socks

These really aren’t misses so much as projects that didn’t work out exactly like I imagined, and not in a good way. (5) turned out way too big, and even though I still wear and love these socks, they slide off my feet all the time. The same thing happened with (2), making them pretty much unwearable, but my friend liked them anyway because they made her laugh so all’s well. (1) has the opposite problem, it’s too tight at the waist, showing off my belly in all its glory!

I’m still kinda mad at myself that I didn’t buy the right trims for my Christmas dress (4) before Christmas, because the last minute bias tape I picked up at the drugstore will probably dissolve out of existence during the first wash. The dress itself is super cute though! (3) I wore only once. It’s a fun yarn, but it feels way to glittery and big to wear it in everyday life … I still learnt something from every single one of these projects (even if I only learnt what not to do!), which is why I refuse calling them a miss.

What about your year in crafting? Was it a success? What were your favourite projects?

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