My cherry red argyle hat :3


This wasn’t planned.

Originally, I bought the yarn to knit a Christmas gift, but because of time issues that didn’t work out. Plus, I hated the pattern – too many cables. As a result, I found myself with two balls of Wolle Rödel Siena in one of my favourite colours. After skimming my knitting books, I decided I’d knit Laura Irwin’s Argyle Lace Hat for myself. It’s not like I have too many hats already, but I was bored and craved something fun to knit.


“Boutique Knits” by Laura Irwin is pretty neat in that she combines knitting patterns with several other crafting techniques, felting for example. This pattern calls for fabric-covered buttons. I was really excited about that at the beginning, after several misadventures … not so much. First, I bought not enough buttons. I also discovered that I had covered the buttons with a fabric that didn’t match the yarn. (Yes. I know. I was excited and didn’t plan beforehand. :D) Then I bought smaller buttons, but they turned out to be quite difficult to be covered with fabric. I had to call in my mother and her friend the seamstress for help!

In the end, I’m really happy with the hat. It’s super cute! I also like the fabric I used for the buttons, it’s the grey fabric I used for my first pair of trousers!


Pattern: Argyle Lace Hat by Laura Irwin (Boutique Knits: 20+ Must Have Accessories)

Yarn: Wolle Rödel Siena (Sport, 100% Merino), 9911 Kirsche

Photography: Mom

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  1. What a beautiful knit! The buttons pair so well with the colour and the pattern. Congratulations, that is one gorgeous hat. Thank you for sharing, and please pass on my praise to your mom, she took some wonderful photos.

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