Hemlocks 1, 2 and 3


I really enjoy simple projects right now, among other reasons because they’re usually more suitable for everyday use – consequently I get more wear out of them. I’ve seen a few Hemlocks around, but it was Anushka’s Penitentiary Pyjama version (so fun!) that made me download the pattern eventually.


I bought three different jerseys at Stoffmarkt Holland a couple of weeks ago with the Hemlock in mind. My first version is the red one, which I made back in the old year; the other two were sewn at the beginning of January. It’s interesting to me how different the same pattern (with only minor alterations) looks in different weights. The red one hugs my figure, the magenta one accentuates the boxy shape of the pattern while the blue version has the most drape.


The pattern made my inner instant gratification monkey very, very happy. It’s incredibly simple: cut out the pattern pieces, overlock them together, then finish the hems with the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine – DONE. There are detailed, helpful instructions, a fact that’ll never cease to amaze me because I’m used to Burda “instructions”, but after the first version I barely needed to look at them anymore.


The neckline was pretty much the only part of the pattern that flustered me. I had cut the piece straight from the pattern, but couldn’t stretch it enough make it fit. I recut the neckline adding 4 cm, which worked out fine even though I felt it was a tad too long. For the magenta and the blue Hemlock I just added 3.5cm.


All three of my Hemlocks are amazingly comfortable. Even better, wearing them makes me feel great, and that indicates a successful make! Unless the cheap jersey fabric from Stoffmarkt turns out to be a poor investment, they’ll lead a long and blessed life in my wardrobe.



Pattern: Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studio

Fabric: Jersey bought at Stoffmarkt Holland

Photography: Mom

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